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A must for folk rock fans!

Such a joy to listen to!!

At long last

Finally! How did I not know about this? After 50 years of listening I claim that I can almost sing along with most all of the recordings I own. It was the lyrics that drew me in. Now to be able to listen to a show where it’s about the lyrics makes my life complete. My first? “When the green dark forest was to silent to be real.” Carol in TC

Love it

Love! Love! What a podcast... I love it so so much!

Love this show

Hey guys I just started to listen to your podcast and i love it! Started today and I'm already on the 7th podcast and counting!! Please keep it going

I'm hooked

Best podcast I've heard in a while! Topics are amazing! Hosts are the best! Highly recommend if you aren't hooked yet!

Lovely podcast

The podcast is a must listen. I recommend it to everyone!

If you love Lightfoot, this is a must listen!

I love this podcast! If you love the music of the great Gordon Lightfoot, this is a must listen. A thoughtful discussion between the host and a Lightfoot lover - each episode taking on one favorite song. Backstory, line by line look at the lyrics, discussion of musical aspects and more. A great way to spend 20-30 minutes and enjoy favorites again or revisit deeper or older cuts. Highly recommend!

Love this host!

I love this podcast and the host. I had not listened much to Gordon Lightfoot but this show gave me an appreciation for him. Keep up the great work, Mike!